Start conversation, not campaigns

With ‘Messages’ by folk, you can send out emails in bulk to an entire group, with each email personalized to the recipient. Use data stored in folk (e.g. first name, last name, job title, company, or any custom text field) for automatic customization, and review and tailor individual messages if you wish.

Send your first message via Messages by folk

  • Choose the group in your workspace that you want to email.

  • Click on "Message All" to reach out to the whole group, or a filtered view.

  • A blank message will open as a draft. Here you can add the content of your email.

  • Use "/" to add custom variables to your email to personalize.

  • You can save your draft as a template and re-use your templates for future communications, by clicking "Templates" on the bottom left.

  • Add anyone in CC or/and BCC.

  • Click on "Review messages" to review and edit each email individually.

  • In the list of recipients on the right, you can search for contacts and remove some if needed.

  • Send your campaign.

  • Receive the replies in your Gmail account.

Send Messages from your own email address

See "How to authenticate my own domain on folk?" to send messages from your own email address.

Messages by folk are ideal for a variety of use cases:

  • Event invitations

  • Sales prospection

  • HR prospection

  • Investor update

  • Press release campaign

  • Product launches

  • Donation campaign

  • Fundraising campaign

  • Personalized newsletter

  • Survey or Poll campaign

  • Official communication

  • Canvassing

  • User research campaign

  • Followup campaign

and much more...

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