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We're introducing Sequences, a serie of automated email messages sent to your contacts over time, from folk.

Email sequences are great to engage with your audience and can be used for a variety of use cases to automate your follow ups:

  • Sales: nurture leads and move them through the sales funnel. By sending a series of targeted emails, you can engage with prospects, provide value, and ultimately convert them into customers.

  • Onboarding: email sequences can be used to onboard and welcome new users/clients. This can include sending tutorials, tips, and helpful resources to ensure a successful start.

  • Events: if you're hosting an event, webinar or podcast, email sequences can help promote it and keep attendees engaged. By sending invite emails, reminders, and follow-ups with additional resources, you can increase attendance and interest.

  • Recruiting: if you're sourcing new candidates, email sequences will help engage with them. By sending reminders, follow-ups you can increase your response rate.

These are just a few examples, but email sequences can be customized and used in various ways depending on your business goals and target audience.

Send your first sequence from folk

🎯 Select the right target

  • Choose the group to start your sequence from

  • Click on "Message all" to reach out to the whole group. Or apply filters and then click "Message all" to reach out to a filtered view. Or select the contacts from the list to reach out to and then click "Message x contacts".

βœ‰οΈ Create your multi-step sequence

  • First step

A blank message will open as a draft.

Here you can start editing your first email, the first step of your email sequence. This email will be sent immediately to your audience.

More info here, on how to create your email. You can also use an already saved template from your library.

  • Second step

Then click on 'New step' to add a second email to your sequence.

Choose the wait time: the number of days until your second email will be sent. This email will be automatically sent after these days (at the same time the first email was sent).

You can edit everything in this second email. You can use an already saved template.

By default the Sender is the same as in the previous email, but you can change it and pick another Sender for this email.

  • More steps

Click 'New step' to add as many steps as you want.

You can create up to 10 emails (steps) in one sequence, and choose your preferred wait time for each step.

Each email will be sent automatically after the number of days set in your Wait time for each step.

  • Conditions

You can decide to stop your email sequence whenever someone replies to your email.

By selecting 'Stop if replies', it means that after your first email is sent, within the wait days, if someone reply to your email, the sequence will stop for them and they won't receive your next emails planned in your sequence.

By default the 'Stop if replies' condition is selected, you can unselect it, if you want to send all your emails to all recipients.

You can also decide to manually stop your sequence for the recipients of your choice, once the sequence is sent.

  • Delete step

You can delete any of your steps, simply by clicking the bin on your email when crafting your sequence.

πŸ” Review

  • Click on "Review Messages" to review the entire sequence and edit each email individually for each step of your sequence.

  • In the list of recipients on the left, you can search for contacts and remove some if needed, for each step.

  • For each message of each step, you can edit them manually to add a personal touch for example.

  • You can save and close your sequence to finish editing later. You'll find your saved sequence in the Messages section.

πŸ“Š Send, analyze & track

  • Send your sequence. The first email will sent immediately. Other emails will sent upon your configured conditions (wait time + stop if replies)

  • Receive the replies in your Gmail account.

  • Get an overview of your sent sequences in Messages (including drafts, in review, sent, ongoing, stopped). And you can open your campaign to get detailed analytics for each step of your sequence (delivered, not sent, read, not read, clicked, not clicked, replied, bounced).

  • See the sent messages as an interaction logged on the contact's profile.

    • This interaction will be shared by default with all teammates

    • The interaction will display the name of the sender and a preview of the email content

    • It will automatically update the fields total & last interactions for the sender only


  • How many steps can I create in a sequence?

You can create a maximum of 10 steps in one sequence (10 emails).

  • What are the conditions to trigger the email sequence?

The first email of your sequence (step 1) will be triggered immediately, once you send your email sequence.

For the following emails in your sequence (other steps after email 1), there are 2 triggers available to send them:

- Wait time: number of days to wait before the next email is triggered in your sequence

- Stop if replies: only send your next emails to recipients who haven't replied to your previous emails

  • How will replies be tracked?

In order to track replies to your emails, you'll need to make sure that your email (the same email as your Sender in your sequence) is well synced on your folk account.

If you've selected a sender from another member of your workspace, if the email is synced on their account, it works.

We take into account all the emails connected from all the members on the workspace.

  • What happens is my source is disconnected?

If your email is disconnected after you've sent your sequence, you'll be asked to reconnect your source. Interactions & replies will be retroactively synced and taken into account for your ongoing sequence.

If your email is disconnected during the Review step (just before sending your sequence), the 'Stop if replies' condition will be removed.

  • Are emails of the sequence sent in the same thread of the first email?

No, each email will be sent as a new email and not in the thread of the previous email. A workaround is to use "RE: Subject" as the email name.

  • What are the sequence status?

- Stopped: means your sequence has stopped for all the recipients

- Ongoing: means you still have emails planned in your sequence

- Sent: means the sequence is finalized

  • How can I stop my sequence?

Your sequence can stop for 3 reasons:

- The recipient replied to your previous email (if you have checked 'Stop if replies' condition)

- You have manually stopped the sequence for the recipient or for the whole sequence

- The recipient bounced

  • How are the email credits calculated for sequence?

When sending an email sequence with multiple steps, you'll need to have enough credits to send the entire sequence, no matter the conditions.

We calculate the maximum total number of messages that could be sent during the sequence, for each step.

For instance, if you are sending a sequence with 3 steps, to 200 contacts, you'll need 3x200= 600 available credits to send this sequence.

Once the sequence is done, if it has stopped for some recipients (because of any conditions), we will recalculate the true number of messages sent in your credits.

  • How to authenticate my domain to start sending emails?

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