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Strongest connection, last interaction, number of interactions

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Smart fields in folk are pre-defined fields shared on every contacts, auto-calculated by folk such as last interaction date, number of interactions and strongest connection.

Strongest connection

Have you ever wondered if anyone on your team already knows an investor or a prospect you want to contact? Or who would be the best person on your team to reach out? No fear, we've got just the thing for that: Strongest connection 🔗

With Strongest Connection you can see who on your team is closest to every one of your contacts in folk. This is powered by an algorithm that calculates your team's history of interactions (emails and calendar events).

  • Strongest Connection is calculated in each group of contacts out of the members that have access to that group.

  • It’s visible in the table view, the Kanban view, and any contact profile, and displayed by default on every newly created table view.

  • Strongest Connection is not yet available on company views or company profiles.

  • If we don't detect any connection in your workspace, the field will be empty.

  • The strongest connection depends on multiple elements including number of interactions, days since the first interaction, type of interactions (1:1 or group emails), sense of interaction (bilateral or no) and days since the last interaction

Use Strongest Connection to optimize your network in three ways:

  1. Introductions: You can use a contact’s strongest connection to ask for an intro and increase your chances of a yes. It’s perfect for commercial prospecting, fundraising or general networking.

  2. Best sender: Several team members speaking to the same contact? Choose the Strongest Connection as the Sender of emails; we all like reading messages from the people we’re closest to. Ideal for PR, fundraising, prospection, event invitations, etc.

  3. Relationship owner: Make the strongest connection the default owner of a contact. It’s an easy way to identify who should be the account owner for a sales flow, the relationship owner for a recruiting process, etc.

Important: When you add a new contact to a group, the Strongest Connection may take a few hours to appear while it is being dynamically calculated.

Last interaction & number of interactions

Last interaction field is automatically calculated on the date of your last interaction with a contact. The field is updated in real time with your latest interactions synced on your contacts.

It is only calculated on your own interactions and not the shared interactions from your team.

Number of interactions field is automatically calculated on the total number of exchanges (emails + events) you have with a contact. It is only calculated on your own interactions and not the shared interactions from your team.

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