There are 2 types of contacts in folk: people & companies.

  • People can be linked to multiple companies

  • Companies have, obviously, multiple people

Companies are automatically enriched on your contacts after you import them.

We detect the email domain (ex: of your contact's primary email and add the corresponding company (ex: Spendesk), with the right logo and company URL.

If you change your contact's primary email, the new detected company will automatically be updated.

You can also link people to companies manually by browsing existing or suggested companies.

Linking people and companies makes folk very powerful. All of the contacts pertaining to one company are centralized in its Company profile. This enables you to get the bigger picture and leverage it to manage account-level data.

In the company profile, you will also have a centralized view of the interactions and comments of all the people from this company.

In a group, you have the option to switch between the people and company view.

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