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Bring all your contacts to folk
Bring all your contacts to folk

How to import & add contacts to folk

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There are a few different ways for you to build your lists of contacts on folk:

πŸ—‚ Upload contact files

You can import a whole list of contacts at once, in few clicks, in any of your groups.

Import your file in a new empty group, or in an existing group with contacts.

  • In your empty group, just click on 'Import people from a file'

  • In your existing group with contacts, just click the 3 dots on the top right and then Import CSV

Our csv importer will automatically match your file fields with folk fields. Make sure the fields are correctly matched by reviewing them and editing if needed and you're all set!

In order to import custom fields from your file, you need to make sure to create these fields in your group first, in order to match them with your file during the import.

Or when importing your file, our importer will automatically recognize custom fields and offer you to create them during the import (note that: it will only create these fields as text fields).

Here is quick video on 'How to import your contacts on folk' πŸŽ₯

2. Import contacts from Google or Outlook

When you connect your Google accounts or Outlook account, folk will automatically sync with emails & calendar events. All the contacts you have interacted with will be imported automatically. The sync is ongoing & in real time so that any new contacts will be automatically added into folk.

You will be able to browse them from the Search, to add them to the right groups on folk.

Here is a short article on how to import your Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Contacts.

Here is a short article on how to import from Outlook.

3. Add contacts with folkX, our Chrome Extension

folkX lets you easily add contacts on folk directly from:

  • LinkedIn & LinkedIn Sales Nav (add a profile or a search query)

  • Twitter (add a profile)

  • Instagram (add a profile)

  • Gmail (add contacts from a thread)

  • Any webpage (wherever you see a profile of interest, add it to folk)

Here are short articles on how to import contacts from LinkedIn and Gmail using folkX.

4. Add contacts from a custom integration

With our Zapier integration, you can connect other software to folk, to create, update or find people and companies.

Zapier automatically moves information between other applications you use everyday and folk. It already supports thousands of other apps, such as Typeform, Calendly, Twitter, Docusign and many others.

5. Create contact manually

To add contacts to your groups, simply click on 'Add contact'. You'll be able to browse existing contacts and add them to your groups with the '+' or create new ones manually (with create contact).

Or simply hit cmd+U (or ctrl+U) to open the contact creation modal directly.

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