Import contacts from Gmail with folkX

Build actionnable lists of contacts from your Gmail

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We know that building lists of contacts is annoying and time-consuming. To free you from repetitive copy-paste and manual tasks, we've built a Chrome extension that allows you to add new contacts from Gmail to your folk in three easy steps.

1. Download our extension

To download our extension, you can simply go to the Chrome Web Store or on our Website. Download the extension and pin it on your Chrome extension bar.

2. Open an email on your Gmail

Open an email thread on your Gmail account from a contact that you'd like to add to your folk and just click on the extension โ€“ it will instantly retrieve the relevant data for this contact, such as:

  • First name, Last name, Profile avatar (if any), Company name (if any), Company avatar (if any), Contact email, Contact phone (if any), Job title, Note

When adding a new profile to your folk, you'll be able to choose your preferred workspace and group.

3. Use folkX templates on Gmail

Once you've installed folkX extension on your browser, you'll be able to access your folk message templates directly in Gmail, without switching context.

How to leverage my folkX templates:

  • Just go to your Gmail account, open a new email and click the folk icon to see your list of templates and use them in your emails from Gmail.

  • You can either use an existing template or create a new one.

    • By creating a new template, it will appear in your folk workspace as well

  • Use folk variables to customize your emails in Gmail

    • If the contact you're reaching out to, already exist in your folk workspace, we'll auto update the variables with their info

    • If the contact doesn't exist in your folk workspace, you'll only be able to use First name & Last name as variables

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