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All your interactions —offline and online from any platform — can be saved in your folk, so you never lose track of your relationships.

Logging a new interaction

You just need to go on any contact profile and click on "New interaction".

Fill in the new interaction form with the following data:

  • Interaction type: pick the right type of event (call, coffee, meeting), or a social media logo or even an emoji

  • Date: choose the date of your interaction, be it in the past or the future. It's by default populated with today's date.

  • Description: add any relevant piece of information such as notes you took during the call, highlights of the meeting or any detail you'd like to remember.


  • Who can see logged interactions?

Interactions logged manually are shared by default with your teammates on your workspace.

Also, when adding an interaction on one contact, the interaction logged manually will

be visible in the whole workspace for this contact.

  • How will it impact fields such as Last interaction and Number of interactions?

Interactions logged manually will be taken into account for calculating these fields.

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