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Invite your teammates

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How to invite members to your workspace?

Start collaborating with your team by adding teammates to your workspace.

You can add them from the section "Members" in your Settings.

They'll receive an email invitation to access the workspace. Once in the workspace, each member will only have access to the groups shared with them.

How to share a group?

When you create a group, it is by default a private group (only visible to you).

To share a private group with other members of your workspace, simply click on "Share". You can decide which members you'd like to share the group with, by selecting the whole team (All members) or specific members.

Once shared, the group moves to a different section so that you can differentiate your private groups from the shared ones:

  • Shared to everyone: for groups shared with all members

  • Shared: for groups share to selected members only

  • Private: for groups private to yourself

What are the permissions?

As soon as someone gets access to a shared group, they will have full permissions within the group. It means that they can add, delete and edit contacts.

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