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Create groups & Manage your sidebar
Create groups & Manage your sidebar

Categorize and organize your workspace

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Create groups

A group is a customizable database of contacts that can be private or shared.

You can create as many groups as you want, directly from the sidebar. Usually, users tend to create groups for every type of contact they need to manage: a list of investors, a list of influencers, a list of candidates, a list of suppliers etc.

When creating a new group from the "+" button in the sidebar, you'll be redirected to our universe of templates. You can get some inspiration and speed things up by picking a template, with readymade fields and views that are relevant to your use case, or you can click outside the template window to create your own group from scratch.

Manage permissions

Groups can be private or shared. You can control who has access by using the 'Share' button on the top left.

Groups are organized in the sidebar into different section so that you can differentiate your private groups from the shared ones:

  • Shared to everyone: for groups shared with all members

  • Shared: for groups share to selected members only

  • Private: for groups private to yourself

Organize your sidebar

After creating multiple groups, it can feel like a lot of information.

You can bookmark you favorite groups so they don’t get buried into your sidebar. Just click “Add to favorites” and pin it to the top of your sidebar:

If there's a section that's feeling cluttered, just hide it. Click on any section header (Favorites, Shared to everyone, Shared, Private) to collapse/expand:

If trying to focus, hide the sidebar to avoir any distraction:

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