Notifications Center

A central hub for all of your reminders, tasks, and notifications in folk, to help you get to "Inbox Zero"

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Notifications Center is the hub for all of your tasks in folk. It displays:

  • Notes where you’ve been mentioned and replies to your notes

  • Contacts you've been assigned to

  • Reminders - past and upcoming

In your Notifications Center you'll find two tabs: Notifications and Upcoming.

Notifications tab

Clicking on a notification will take you to the contact profile linked to the task in question, so you can take action on it (send an email, update the contact info, reply to a note and so on).

It will also automatically mark the notification as read.

You can filter your notifications tab by read/unread status.

Notifications Center is built for your productivity, with "Inbox Zero" in mind. Just mark as read the notifications that don't require any more action from your end.

Upcoming tab

In this tab you'll find the reminders that have a due date set in the future. Both reminders you've created and the ones you've been assigned to by your teammates.

Recurring reminders only appear once for the next due date.

Manage your notification settings

There are two ways to receive notifications with folk: by email, and in-app, in the Notification tab on the top left. You can control which types of notifications you receive by going to your Settings in the Notifications tab.

You can choose to be notified by email (or not). This setting is enabled by default.

For each type of notification, you can choose if you would like to be notified. For smoother collaboration, we recommend keeping all the boxes checked.

🎬 Watch our dedicated video on how to manage your notifications here.

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