How do reminders work?

Create a reminder

You can create reminders on your contacts, in any of your groups on folk. Just open the 'quick actions' menu or a profile's contact profile.

You can add key information in your reminder:

  • Name: What's the name of the event you want to be reminded of?

  • Contact: Who's the person or company you want to be reminded of?

  • Date: At which date do you want to be reminded of a certain event?

  • Frequency: If this is a recurring event, what's the frequency of the event? (weekly, monthly, yearly).

  • Notify teammates: Are there other members of your team that you'd want to be notified?

View created reminders

When on a group page or a contact profile, you can visualize future reminders. When on a contact page, you can delete or edit them.

Get notified

You'll get notified directly in your Inbox. On your reminder date, you'll receive an email at 9:00 AM, your time.

Frequent questions

Can I change the time at which the notification is sent? At the moment, only the date is customizable, not the time. Notifications are sent to your inbox at 9:00 AM, your time.

Are reminders affected if I have an interaction with the contact in question before the set date? No, reminders are only based on the date you set.

Are notifications also visible in the app? No, notifications are only sent to your inbox.

Can we customize frequency further? At the moment, frequency options are limited. We are working on more options to customize them in the future.

Here is quick video on 'How to add a reminder on folk' 🎥

-> Get started with our best practices on reminders.

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