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The most frequent questions about creating & sending email campaigns

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Can I have multiple email domains in the same account?

Yes! You can add and authenticate several domains. In the Senders section in your Settings, just click on New sender to add your emails from each domain.

What type of records do I have to verify to authenticate my domain?

You'll have to create CNAME type records in your DNS settings in your provider.

Why I can’t see my emails in my sent inbox in Gmail/Outlook?

This is because we use our own provider (Sendgrid) to send these emails, so they are not sent from your email client. If you want to retrieve these emails in your inbox, you can add yourself in cc/bcc to each campaign.

And you can retrieve sent emails in the Messages section, with analytics for each campaign.

Can I customize my emails?

To customize your emails, you can type slash (/) in the content of your email to access the list of variables to personalize your email. You can also insert images, links, and add attachments.

Can I send marketing emails with design (like in Mailchimp), for newsletter?

Emails sent from folk have a very simple design, as if the email were sent from your own email client. You can add simple formatting, insert images in the content and attach files. You can use variables to personalize each emails.

Can I add my own signature?

To add a signature you can create it directly in the message and then save it as a template and use it whenever you wish.

For the moment, it’s not possible to embed an external signature. If you wish to do so, you can save your signature as an image and insert it into the message.

Can I create sequences?

For now it's not possible to create an automated sequence, but we'll be working on it soon!

In the meantime, what you can do is once your campaign is sent, you can open the campaign analytics (in the Messages section) and easily select all the people that didn’t open your email for instance, to send them a followup email.

How can I remove the spaces in my messages?

To remove the space between lines in your message, just hit shift + enter. This way, you’ll go to the next line without a space.

Can I add an unsubscribe link in messages?

Yes, you can add a link for recipients to unsubscribe from your email campaigns.

Once the recipient click the unsubscribe link, they will not receive your emails anymore sent from folk.

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