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FAQ Sources (integrations) ๐Ÿ”„

The most frequent questions about syncing & importing contacts

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Can I connect my LinkedIn to Folk?

We donโ€™t have a native integration with LinkedIn, so itโ€™s not possible to automatically sync LinkedIn with folk.

However, we have a chrome extension, to easily add linkedin profiles into folk in one click.

And if you want to import all your connections, the best way is to export them from LinkedIn and then import the file into folk.

Which contacts and contact info are imported from Gmail?

All the contacts you've had at least one interaction with by email (from you to them) are imported from Gmail in folk.

These contacts are coming from Google contacts. folk will import contacts from these 2 sections:

  • "My contacts": people you have manually saved as contacts

  • "Other contacts": people you've interacted with in Gmail that are automatically saved by Google. You can start/stop automatically saving contacts at any time.

By default, Google is saving contacts you interact with by email on Google Contacts as "Other contacts". Here is an article to help you stop saving automatically contacts as "Other contacts" in Google or change your settings.

We import all the basic infos on your contacts: First name, Last name, Avatar, Emails, URLs, Job title, Companies name, Notes

We do not import labels from Google contacts for now.

Which interactions are imported from Google?

Interactions are the emails and calendar events imported when you sync your Gmail accounts to folk.

Most of your interactions will be imported except the following:

  • More than 3 years old interactions will not be imported

  • Unread messages will not be imported

  • Recurring events from Google Calendar will not be imported

  • Emails with more than 20 recipients will not be imported

  • Events with more than 20 attendees will not be imported

  • Emails received from subscriptions and mailing lists won't be imported

I connected my Gmail account, but contacts didn't import, why?

When connecting your Google accounts to folk, you need to make sure to give the right permissions to folk, so that folk can access your source and correctly import the contacts and their interactions.

If you have connected a source, but no contact was imported, it probably means that we have insufficient permissions on your source.

In that case, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Go to your Settings > Accounts

  • Click on Connect Google account and pick your existing source

  • On the Google permission page, make sure to check all the boxes to give the right permission to folk to access your source

Then your contacts, will start importing correctly and appear in the Search (on the top left).

How can I remove or reconnect my Google accounts?

You can easily remove any Google account from your workspace. To do so:

  • Go to your Settings in the Accounts tab

  • Click on the 3 dots next to the account you wish to remove

  • Click on Delete Source

If a Google account is having issues synchronizing with folk, you can easily reconnect the account:

  • Go to your workspace settings

  • Go to the Accounts tab

  • Click on Reconnect

Does Google sync on folk work when using Superhuman?

When you sync your gmail address into folk, we automatically import your Google contacts (both contacts manually saved by you and contacts automatically saved by Google).

If you are using Superhuman on top of your Gmail, unfortunately, Superhuman isn't able to create contacts in your Google Contacts for now. Google has disabled this ability for most 3rd party apps.

Will my actions in Folk be reflected in my accounts (Gmail)?

The actions performed on folk are visible only on folk. There is no back synchronization with your source. folk is meant to become your single source of truth.

How often are contacts imported on Folk?

Contacts are automatically synced in real time. New contacts will automatically be imported into folk. They'll be available in the Search.

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