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Best practices to send messages
Best practices to send messages

Learn the best practices to get your emails delivered

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Email deliverability

Make sure people receive and read your emails.

Check your reputation

  • Check if you've been blacklisted (click here)

  • Assess the quality of your IP (click here)

  • Analyze your current stats to get a better insight (delivery & open rate of your previous campaigns on folk)

Target the right audience

If you have invalid email addresses in your contact list, this might damage your reputation and deliverability.

  • Keep your bounce rate under 5%

  • Don't buy email lists where addresses are not verified

  • Always send campaigns to business addresses of individuals (and not generic addresses)

  • Use folk data enrichment to get the most up to date data on your contacts

  • Use LinkedIn for the best source of data, as people tend to regularly update their job position and company (using folkX extension)

Send high-quality emails

Make your emails unique and well structured

  • Don't use spam trigger words in your subject line (ex: test, free, win)

  • Make your emails look simple with a refined style

  • Don't put attachments in your emails. If you need to send a file, just use links (e.g. Google Drive).

  • Don't use spam trigger words and phishing phrases

  • Always personalize your emails (using folk variables)


How do I prevent bounces?

For hard bounces, when the email is permanently rejected because the email address is invalid or the email addresses don’t exist, you can use Bouncer to help you clean your list of leads and check for bounces (before sending your campaign).

How many emails can I send per day?

We recommend to stay under a quota of 200 emails per day.

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