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We automatically detect duplicate contacts in your workspace:

1. Auto-merge

When importing your contacts from one or several sources (gmail, file import, Zapier...), we automatically detect and merge exact match duplicate contacts, so you don't have to.

We've based our algorithms on the exact match of first name, last name and email.

2. Suggested merge

When found duplicates are not an exact match, we suggest them in a view called "Clean up duplicates". This view will only appear, if duplicates are detected.

We don't merge these contacts automatically, you can do it in the view with the 'merge all' button or one by one.

In a group of duplicate, all the information that is different between contacts will be automatically selected.

If a group of duplicates is not relevant, you can click on 'not duplicates'.

3. Manual merge

You can also select two or more contacts to merge them manually, either from a group or from the global search.

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