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Access the power of your favorite CRM, with more speed and convenience, directly in your desktop.

Here are some of the benefits of using the desktop app:

  • Enjoy a clean, distraction-free interface

  • folk is easier to access in your dock

  • Keyboard shortcuts have less risk of conflicting with browser-based presets or custom shortcuts

The desktop app downloads and installs updates automatically in the background.

How to install it?

Mac desktop app

  • Go to this page and click Download for Mac.

  • Open Finder and go to Downloads.

  • Open the .dmg file and drag folk into your Applications folder.

  • Open the folk app and log in using your email.

Windows desktop app

  • Go to this page and click Download for Windows.

  • Open the .exe file and follow the instructions to install.

  • Open the folk app and log in using your email.

Desktop App Settings

App Menu

  • "Settings" display the settings for the current workspace (shortcut Mod+,)

  • "Clear application data" will clear all caches and reload the page

  • "Force application update" forces download and quit the app after download

File Menu

  • "New contact" opens the contact creation dialog in the current workspace

History Menu

  • "Home" redirects to the home page / (Mod+Shift+H)

  • "Back" redirects to the previous page (Mod+[ / Mod+^)

  • "Forward" redirects to the next page (Mod+] / Mod+$)

Help Menu

Help center opens


How to open folk links in the desktop app?

  • Redirect to the matching URL with Command + Option + , on MacOS and Control + Alt + , on Windows.

  • Redirect to the matching URL from the web page in the group menu, from the contact panel, or from the contacts quick actions.

How to setup automatic redirection?

  • You can configure automatic redirection to the desktop from your settings. Go to your settings in personal details and then enable the automatic redirection

  • If you want to remove it, simply un-toggle the button.

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