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In your groups, when creating a view, you can choose the view type between table and pipeline. By creating a pipeline view, you'll be able to manage your own custom workflows in folk, such as a hiring process, sales pipe, deal flow, fundraising and so on...

How to create pipeline views

In your group, simply click on 'Add view', and then select pipeline in the view type.

  • If you already have created 'single select' custom fields in your group, you'll be able to choose to set up your pipeline with your preferred tag, with 'Group by'.

  • If you haven't created a 'single select' custom field yet, all your contacts from your group will be automatically added to a column named 'No status' in a 'single select' field named 'Status'. Then you can create as many columns as you want to reflect the different status of your specific workflow.

You can easily move the contact cards from one column to another (the tags will automatically be updated on the contact profile and in the table view as well).

Customize Display

Use 'Change visible information' to choose which fields to display on each contact cards.

Click on button "Group by" in order to choose the custom field you want to use as the grouping field in the column. The contact cards will be stacked on the view based on the values they have for this custom field.

In order to further custom your pipeline display, easily drag and drop columns in the pipeline view, to custom sort the way you visualize the columns, from left to right.

Open quick actions

Easily leverage quick actions directly from a pipeline view in order to

  • Send a message

  • Add a reminder

  • Call a contact

  • Copy contact name

  • Copy profile link

  • Remove the contact from the group

  • Open profile link

  • Delete the contact permanently

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