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Change text fields to other type of fields (date, number, tag...)

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When creating a text custom field, you now have the ability to change it into whatever kind of field type you need.

Wether, you've imported your file with text fields only, or you've realized you didn't create your fields in the right format, it's now easier than ever, to change the format, to better track your data.

Just click on the 3 dots in the header of your text column and then click Change type and select the right format.

You can transform any text field into the following formats:
▪️ Single select (for single tags)
▪️ Multi-Select (for multiple tags)
▪️ Date
▪️ Number

How will my text field convert?

  • If you have single values in your text field, you can change it into a select field and it will create tags for each values

  • If in your text field, the text is separated with a comma or semi-comma, by changing it to a multi-select, it will create a tag for each values

  • If you have dates formatted like this MM/DD/YY or MM/DD/YYYY or MM-DD-YY or MM-DD-YYYY), by changing it to a date field, it will create the date in the right format

  • If you have numbers, by changing it to a number field, it will create values. You can then apply the right format (currency or percentage)

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