Automatic Contact Categorization

folk detects contacts which seem like they belong in the same group, and suggests these to you

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folk doesn’t just make it easy to categorize your contacts – it will do it for you!

Contact types will be automatically detected and suggested groups will be created for the following categories in the section “Suggested groups”

  • Founders

  • Executives

  • My team

  • Investors

  • Journalists

You can accept or decline the suggestions. If you accept, the contacts will be grouped accordingly.

  • Contacts in the suggested groups don't count toward any contact limits in your workspace

  • Suggested groups appear on an ongoing basis in the workspace. When our algorithm identifies a new group, it will be instantly suggested

  • Before accepting the group suggested, no action can be performed on the contacts of the group

  • Suggested groups will have at least 4 contacts included

  • Suggested groups are suggested based on job title and emails

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