FAQ CSV Import/Export 🗂

The most frequent questions about how to import and export files

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Can I import pictures from a CSV?

For the moment it’s not possible to import pictures from a csv file. However, you can import profile pictures through our folkX extension when adding or updating contacts from their LinkedIn profiles. Or you can upload them directly to the contact profile.

Can I export all my contacts at once?

For the moment you can’t export all your contacts at once, but you can export them group by group. Just go to each group and click on “Export to csv” in the group settings in the top right-hand corner.

Can I export notes and reminders?

For the moment it’s not possible to export your notes and reminders.

Can I import notes & interactions?

For now, it’s not possible to import notes or interactions through the csv import. For notes, you can create a dedicated text custom field to import them this way.

Which import formats are supported?

.csv, .tsv, .xls, .xlsx, .xml, .txt spreadsheets are all accepted.

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