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Learn how to use AI based fields directly from folk

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Magic Fields are AI-powered custom fields. They leverage the data you have on your contacts in folk to create (almost) anything you want!

How to create a Magic Field

To add a magic field in folk:

  • Create a new custom field with the + column

  • Select "Magic field" type

    • Enter your prompt: a prompt is an instruction, or request, to the AI (you can check our prompt examples for inspiration)

  • Click on generate (or command + enter)

  • To apply the same prompt to multiple contacts, select all cells and hit command + enter

The Magic Field will be visible in your table pipeline view (as a field), on the contact’s profile and you can use it as a variable in your Messages.

How Magic Fields work

Whatever prompt you type into a Magic Field is processed by AI. Magic Fields are most powerful in folk when you use variables, which lets the AI pull on the data you have stored in folk, to generate highly customized content.

You can select from the suggested variables or type “/” to add any other variable.

Check out some of these prompt examples to get inspired.

What can I do with Magic Fields?

Here are just a few of the endless ways you can use Magic Fields:

  • Clean up data: Parse email domains of companies, Capitalize First Name, Guess first name based on email, etc.

  • Contact categorization: Classify emails as 'Personal' or 'Professional', Categorize contacts by Team (Marketing, Sales, Finance) based on job title, Categorize companies by industries

  • Message generation: Write an email / direct message (this one will have prompt variations depending on the use cases such as recruiting, fundraising, sales, partnerships, etc)

  • Translation: Translate a message to the contact's prefered language

  • Find/Enrich data: Find company revenue, company headquarters, company's main competitors


Magic fields are included in your folk subscription as follows

  • 10 Magic Field generations per month in the Free plan

  • 500 Magic Field generations per month in the Standard plan

  • 2000 Magic Field generations per month in the Premium plan

Library of prompts

Readymade Magic Field prompts for you to copy, or to inspire your own. There are virtually no limits!

Also check out our webinar to learn best practices on how to write prompts and use magic fields -> replay

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