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Publicly share contact lists from your folk workspace

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With just a few clicks you can make a private view public, and generate a shareable URL. This shared view can be accessed by anyone, without needing to be logged in to folk.

Itโ€™s ideal for sharing:

  • a list of useful contacts with a friend

  • public contact lists on the web

  • team contact information with a freelancer

  • a private group with your team (without sharing all fields such as comments or interactions)

The shared view

The shared view is a static list of contacts that cannot be edited by visitors.

It includes:

  • The group icon of the original view

  • The shared view Title

  • The shared view Description

  • All view contacts fields

Visitors can duplicate the contact list in their private network by clicking on Duplicate. The duplicated view will be editable but won't be linked to the original view.

How to share a view

Open the view, click on Share view and enable Share to web.

The shared view is now accessible by anyone with the URL, but can be unshared at any time.

You can set the view Title and the view Description.

If you enable Search engine indexation, the shared view may be listed on search engines (like Google, Bing, etc.)

Please note: only table views can be shared. Kanban views can't be shared yet.

What is and isn't shared?

Information that is shared:

  • Full name (people view) or Company name (company view)

  • All the visible fields
    Only the fields that are visible on the original view will be listed on the shared view

Information that is never shared:

  • Hidden fields
    Fields that are hidden on the original view won't be listed on the shared view

  • Interactions

  • Comments

  • Reminders

  • Groups

  • Strongest connection

๐ŸŽฅ Watch a quick 'How to' video here, for more info!

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