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How to manage a list of journalists and influencers?
How to manage a list of journalists and influencers?
Centralize your influencers, agencies, and client contacts to build successful PR campaigns, in 3 easy steps
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Step 1: Build a live list of influencers and media agencies

There are 4 ways to centralize your contact data on folk:

  1. Go to your Settings and click Connect a Google account to sync your Gmail addresses and automatically import all the contacts you meet with or have an event with.

  2. Download the folkX extension to add influencers from LinkedIn and Twitter.

  3. If you already have a list of influencers in existing tools, like XLS, ATS tools, or Notion, import them in one click.

  4. Connect any custom integration using Zapier.

Step 2: Engage with your influencers with customized emails

  • Communicate with your prospects using ultra-personalized messages to invite VIPs to press events, follow up with your influencers, and close your next campaigns.

  • Create and use templates to speed it all up.

Step 3: Track & followup on your PR & media processes

  • Create pipeline views to track every step of your PR process.

  • Track your team’s latest interactions with your potential clients to know who needs to follow up and when.

  • Add shared notes about your meetings & calls.

  • Create reminders to follow up when needed.

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