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The folk API

To focus your business on the highest value problems, getting rid of repetitive, manual tasks is a major driver. Our mission is to help our users deal with their contacts in an easy and powerful way.

With the launch of our Zapier integration, you’ll be able to connect folk to any of your favorite tools and workflows you use every day. This opens a wide range of possibilities for you and your team.

API basics

Our API allows teams to connect other software to folk, to create, update or find people and companies.

For example, you could be able to perform the following actions:

  • Add Typeform respondants answers to a group in folk

  • Add new Calendly meetings participants to a group in folk

  • Add new leads in Webflow to a group in folk

  • Add new followers on Twitter ot a group in folk

  • Add new clients on Stripe to a group in folk

  • Add new signatories on Docusign to a group in folk

  • Add new community members on Discord to a group in folk

Zapier’s integration

Zapier automatically moves information between folk and other applications you use every day. It already supports thousands of other apps, such as Typeform, Calendly, Twitter, Docusign and many others.

This will help you craft automated workflows and get rid of manual tasks, while keeping your folk up-to-date with all your contacts information.

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