Whether a sales pitch, a catch-up with a colleague, or a call with an investor, it's always awkward to switch between tabs on your browser while on a Zoom call.

With folkX for Zoom, you can add contacts to folk directly in Zoom, and write notes to their profiles, without needing to open folk.

How to install folkX for Zoom?

Installing and using folkX for Zoom couldn't be easier:

  • Go to the folkX page on Zoom's marketplace

  • Install the app and give folk permission to access information on your Zoom account.

  • Once installed, the app will be available to use via the 'Applications' button in Zoom

How to use folkX for Zoom

If you're the host of a Zoom call, you'll be able to see if meeting participants are already contacts in folk. If not, you'll be able to add them to a group of your choice.

Take notes on contacts

For every meeting participant that is a contact, you'll be able to write comments, which will synchronize in folk.

Edit contact information

folkX for Zoom allows you to edit all your contact information directly from the Zoom conversation window. Go to the Details tab of the Zoom app and you will see all your contact information listed and editable.

You'll also be able to open the contact profile on the folk web app by clicking on "Open in folk".

Uninstalling folkX for Zoom

To uninstall folkX for Zoom:

  • Login to your Zoom account and go to the Zoom App marketplace.

  • Click Managed > Uninstall apps and search for the folkX app.

  • Click the folkX app.

  • Click Uninstall.

🎥 Here's a quick 'How to use folkX for Zoom' video.

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